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"Akira's Animal Alphabet Alliterations Video Premier"- December 21, 2019: Oakland, CA

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"Akira's Animal Alphabet Alliterations Video Premier"

The premiere of the video of our most popular book, Akira’s Animal Alphabet Alliterations was held at Bishop O’Dowd High School. We partnered with Akira’s school, Ile Omode, and featured three local authors - Robert Liu Trujillo, Kamaria Lofton and Ajamu Stewart. In addition to Ile Omode, we shared the podium with two other wonderful groups that focus on empowering our children, Livanthropy and the Village Project’s Emanyatta Saturday School. Children from each group spoke or performed to create a wonderful showcase of excellence. We know our children can hear, say and use big words and we have very high expectations for them. Since our books have large words we were blessed to have Mr. Justin Herman animate our book so children can now hear these words aloud while enjoying the movement of the characters in the story. This is important, as many parents need to also hear the words. We are celebrated and premiered our first animated book!