Third Blog by gRandma gRace

We are so extremely grateful for the very positive reception to our first two books.
Feedback from parent and children has been so overwhelmingly positive. They
loved the pictures and loved having the books read aloud to them. Akira, of course,
was thrilled and excited to share her book with all the children that came to the
launch. Our two artists, Heidi and Steven, were awesome signing their books and
greeting the guests. Steven has quite a following and I think they all showed up!
After the event, Heidi, our fabulous watercolorist, wrote on her FB page:

Yesterday, I got my copies of this book (Can YOU Haiku?) I was so busy at the signing, I
really didn’t get a chance to look at it and there weren’t enough copies left for me to
have any that day. But now, I’ve had time to really look at it, and it is so beautiful! The
publisher did a wonderful job of integrating my work with the story. I am so proud!

Heidi, we are happy that you love the book. Steven was also pleased with the final
product of his hard work in the Alliteration book. We love it when a plan comes
together! Our third artist, Candace, will be featured in the nouns book that is
scheduled to be out just before Christmas and we are very excited about that! We
intentionally used three different artist who use different mediums: Steven uses the
computer to generate his art; Heidi is a water color specialist and Candice uses
colored pencils. It is important for children to see as many alternative ways to get
things done as possible. Understanding that there are many ways to express
themselves via art is just one way to help our children learn about ‘options’.

The launch and your feedback has inspired us to work harder, continue on our path,
get more quality products out there, and truly make an impact on literacy in our

We also want to thank our many volunteers that not only made the launch possible,
but also volunteer to read aloud in schools, work with children at other events and
help with all the paperwork, sales and public relations of Wordsmith Jr in these
early stages.