Sixth Blog by gRandma gRace

It has been a very exciting summer. Wordsmith Jr, LLC has reached a milestone. We
just got on Amazon! See  or

You can purchase the books through Amazon or on this website. We are hoping with
the Amazon option, more families can enjoy our books. So please spread the word.
This summer, Akira and I also spent the month on the east coast visiting friends and
relatives. We were able to share our work in New York City and in Washington, DC.
On June 26th, we were even able to do a book talk at the Busboys and Poets in
Hyattsville, MD. We are so very happy that so many people came out to the Busboys
talk! They not only showed up and listened but also bought books. So thank you all
so very much for your support.

We have also confirmed a book talk and reading at the Children’s Museum of Atlanta
for Saturday, September 17 th  at 1:00. The artist in the Lana Fana Series, Ms. Candace
Driver, will be at this event. So if you are in the Atlanta area please join us.

Finally, in July we were able to have three books published making our total number
of books eight. The new books are: Do You Have the Nerve to Learn About Verbs?,
Have You Found Those Useful Pronouns? and Veggies Don’t Scare Me At All!! We only
have four more books to go and we are happy to announce that the Mischievous
Akira (the adjective book) and How Could We Live Without Adjectives? are almost
done and should be available for purchase very soon. We have learned a lot about
this whole publishing effort.  We have made some mistakes along the way but have a
steep learning curve and thus plan on moving toward perfection.  Please bear with
us and help us along our way! This has been a tremendous group effort. I want to
thank all of our artists (Steven, Candace and Heidi), my talented writer daughter
(Julana), our wonderful publisher, Mr. Alton Chandler, and our printer (Eric at
Vision Integrated Graphics) plus the many supporters who have given financial
support, bought our books and have affirmed success for us – THANK YOU ALL!