Seventh Blog by gRandma gRace

I often find myself reflecting on the state of our children, particularly children of
African descent. As a researcher focusing on the African American experience, I am
constantly reminded by data thrown at us daily about the problems of Black folks.
We bombarded with the numbers of us in prisons, unemployed, on welfare roles, in
special education classes, on drugs, and so forth. As an inquisitive Black woman, I
have spent a significant number of my 67 years learning about the experience of
African Americans and to be quite frank, given the history and dynamics of race in
this country: the brutal enslavement of our people; Jim Crow; forced segregation,
the right to vote coming only six decades ago, massive destruction of black
communities such as the bombing of Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1921 and burning of black
communities such as Rosewood, DeCatur, East St. Louis, Chicago and Detroit, the
killing of young black men and women by police that sparked the Black Live Matter
movement, and years of scientific racism which still perpetuates fabricated data on
black inferiority…….I am truly amazed that so many African Americans have
continued to work hard. I am truly amazed that so many have done and are doing so
well. I am truly amazed that we are able to continue developing young boys and girls
who can succeed in spite of these issues. I am truly amazed that Barack Obama won
the presidency in 2008 and was reelected in 2012. I am truly amazed that African
American still write powerful lyrics and sing beautiful songs in the American chorus.
We, too often don’t hear any positive news…currently,


  • 30% of black families are considered middle and upper class by economic


  • 42% of households with a householder who was black lived in owner occupied


  • 54.4% of black women are in the labor force with 66% of black women who

head black families in the labor force

  • 82% of blacks 25 and older have at least completed high school!

Yes, there are problems and yes, we have a long way to go, but don’t let the media
get it twisted, we have made advances with stops and restarts along the way. If one
carefully reads our history here in America and delves deeply into the peculiar race
dynamics in this country, the progress and song of African Americans is indeed
phenomenal! We have to keep adding lyrics to our songs because the terrain keeps

The election of the 45th  president creates special challenges as he makes up news
and headlines as he feels fit. He has created divisions and open old wounds, not to
heal them but to deepen them. He is clearly unfit and thus makes matters for our
young children worse. Consequently, we need to be more resolved than ever to help
support our children’s growth and understanding of the world. Helping them learn
to read opens so many windows to this world. We at Wordsmith Jr, LLC and Akira’s
Book Club are dedicated to helping in this mission. Ashay!