Second Blog by gRandma gRace

They say when you are busy, time flies! I still can’t believe it is flying so fast! We
launched Wordsmith Jr, LLC in 2015 to the greater Bay Area community with a fun
afternoon of balloons, face painting and healthy snacks for the children; plus, great
food for thought for the adults. The launch was held at the Children’s Museum of

Initially, we thought we would only have Akira’s Animal Alphabet Alliterations
(AAAA) at this initial launch. However, we are ahead of schedule and also had our
second book, Can YOU Haiku? at the launch. The illustrators of both books were
present and enjoyed signing books and sharing their art secrets. Parent and their
children were able to make hand puppets, get their face painted and enjoy listening
to Wordsmith books being read aloud.

Akira was also there and loving every minute. Prior to the launch, she repeatedly
asked me questions about the launch. Her first question was whether she would get
some presents. I had to explain to her it is not a birthday party for her but a birthday
party for our Wordsmith Jr, LLC and that we are inviting other children and parents
to learn about our books. She looked a bit puzzled. Then she smiled and asked me,
‘Will the kids who come get presents?” She was truly focused on the presents. I told
her that they could get their face painted and some balloons, just like when we go to
the Lakeshore Farmers Market. This seemed to be a good thing as she then smiled
and stopped asking about presents. She moved on to begin asking about food. The
curiosity of children is amazing and is the beginning of their learning about the
world and how thing work. Akira and I spent many hours talking about the launch
both before we had it and afterward.

We just want to thank all the parents and children that made our Wordsmith Jr, LLC
launch a success and are looking forward to getting you all the next set of books!