Fourth Blog by gRandma gRace

We are on the move at Wordsmith Jr, LLC! We have completed Book 2 of the Akira
Series that focuses on homonyms titled, Akira’s Happy Tale; and a book about cardinal
and ordinal numbers titled The First Ten Days. We have two other books getting their
final touches before going to the publisher (Book 2 of the Lana Fana Parts of Speech
Series that teaches readers about verbs titled, Do you have the nerves to learn about
VERBS?); and a delightful book about vegetables titled, Veggies Don’t Scare Me At
All). Each book is in the same format as the previous books, 32 pages and the price
still $9.99. We are proud to share these books and are working hard to get the full set
of 12 books done by the end of this year. We so appreciate all of your support.

The other exciting news is that we have been working to get non-profit status for
Akira’s Book Club. Our goal is to help parents, families, teachers and children establish
book clubs all over the nation. With non-profit status we can solicit funding for
purchasing books for low-income families and schools; and to create additional
curriculum to support parents, teachers and friends in making their book clubs fun and
exciting as they use their Wordsmith Jr, LLC books. We hope to have the non-profit
status by the end of 2016. We are anxiously anticipating being able to do outreach to
many communities in our quest to facilitate literacy among our young children.

As we are creating our new books, we are also sharing the completed books in
classrooms. A big thanks to Sharon Robinson and Karen Ransom who joined me in
reading our books to classrooms in Oakland during the Oakland Educational Fund’s
annual African American Book Read event. The children really enjoyed the beautiful
pictures in the books. We even acted out the action in the Animal Alphabet
Alliteration book. It was fun and clear that the children enjoyed having someone
excitedly read to them.