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We should acknowledge that the world is changing due to the technological
advancements made over the past couple of decades. One change is that we are
indeed living in a ‘global economy’. All of us are part of this global economy and
sometimes we may not even be aware of it. For example, many families have cars
like the Volkswagens. Toyotas, Hondas or Mercedes made in Japan and Germany;
clothes made in Thailand and Korea, and tennis shoes by Adidas and Nikes made in
China. There’s no getting around it, we are indeed in a global economy.

Given this technology of today everyone is just a mouse click away. Young children
are now on twitter, intstagram, WhatsApp, kik messenger, we chat, and snap chat.
This shift toward a global economy leads to a global workforce. It means that our
children will be in a world where they must have competitive skills to be successful.
Experts who study these changes have developed a list of skills that will be
necessary for one to successfully enter this competition and find their space in the
world. The first of these skills is good language, reading and communication skills.
Thus teaching our children to read is no longer a luxury but a mandate for them to
be successful in our global economy. The gift of reading opens a whole world of
possibilities. We, at Wordsmith Jr and Akira’s Book Club are committed to helping
young children learn to read and to better understand the English language. A clear
understanding of any one language can help build the confidence and the skills
needed to learn a second language. We need our children to master as many
languages as they can. This gives them a competitive edge in the world growing
smaller each day with each technological advance. Learning to love reading is a key
that can open many doors. Let’s work together to make sure our children have what
it takes to get this life-changing key. Read aloud to your young children. Read
excitedly to them. Make reading exciting and fun! Help them learn to love reading.
Help them use their imaginations and encourage them to listen, speak and read. You
can make the difference in their life.