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Hi Auntie Grace,
Our books arrived today. I am going to read them all. Thank you, Mikkey


cloe elle me

Hi Auntie Grace,
Thank you for inviting us to the launch of your two new books. Ella and I had a lot of fun face painting and listening to your talk about how important it is to know how to read and write. I am going to incorporate alliteration into my writing because I love to write too. I was so inspired that I stayed up late working in my book. Can’t wait to buy the rest of the series.
Chloe (age 10)

Hi Auntie Grace,
Thank you for inviting me to your book launch. I had a lot of fun meeting my new cousin Al and seeing Akira and cousin Tajai. The books are really nice and the pictures in the books go nice with the alliterations. The drawing of Akira is really cute too.
Looking forward to getting more books.
Love you,
Ella (age 9)



by Zander Jimenez. age 9

I love reading, but that has not always been true! When I was in the third grade my teacher was worried. She told my mom “All he reads are comic books, we need him to get started with chapter books!” So my mom began helping me find a book that I could read. I went to the library and looked at different topics. I like history, I like legos, and I really like learning about outer space. One day I was at school and saw a book called Percy Jackson: The Lightening Thief. It looked cool. I thought it was going to be a good book because on the back cover it had good reviews. I enjoyed the book so much that I couldn’t put it down! I read every day and quickly finished the whole Percy Jackson series. Reading these books make reading fun, not boring. For me, reading is the best when I read about things that are interesting to me.