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Welcome to Akira’s Book Club and Wordsmith Jr, LLC. We are a collaboration of educators, parents, students and friends who want to encourage children to read and to fully understand the English language.

Unfortunately over the past couple of decades children across the United States have been found to be at a great disadvantage in the world due to lack of skills.

The news has often focused on our lack of technical skills in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). However, this skill deficit is also evident in language arts.

In 2013 the Commission on Humanities and Social Science made available a report with their findings that the United States is losing its long-time advantage in language and social sciences. These issues are even more prevalent in children of color and those raised in poverty, as they have consistently lagged behind in annual tests in both math and reading.

As a result of this decline and our desire to instill in all children the love of words, reading and learning, we established Akira’s Book Club and Wordsmith, Jr. Language acquisition begins very early in life. Thus we are focused on children who are just beginning to develop their vocabulary and language skills. If we can motivate our very young along this path of language acquisition, they will be better equipped to take full advantage of opportunities in school, the workforce and the larger community. They would also be even more valuable assets to our collective community.

We hope to meet our overarching goal of motivating and helping children learn English by:

  • Encouraging and helping parents and families work with their children to learn English language in innovative and fun ways; and,
  • Supporting educators by providing innovative and fun language-rich materials to facilitate their teaching of English language skills


We are designing books and other curricular materials targeting the acquisition of English language skills. Evidence based research and decades of experience with children are the foundation upon which these books were created. The Akira Series is our inaugural four-book series and focuses on the alphabet, homonyms, antonyms and synonyms. All four books in this series are now available. Our second book series, the Lana Fana Parts of Speech Series, focuses on nouns, verbs, pronouns, adverbs and adjectives.  This series includes five books – Can you look around and find those NOUNS?, Do You Have the Nerves to Learn about VERBS?, Have you found those useful PRONOUNS?, How Could We Live Without Adjectives? and What’s this word they call an ADVERB? They, too, are all available.  This series is beautifully illustrated by Candace Driver.  Our last three books Can YOU Haiku?, a book teaching children how to write a haiku poem, and The First Ten Days, a story about how a young girl deals with bullying, and Veggies Don’t Scare Me At All, were each illustrated by the late watercolorist, Heidi Wycoff and are also available now. We have titled this series the Heidi Watercolor Series in her memory.

You can purchase our books from this site (see our store – http://akirasbookclub.net/books-products/available-now/) or you can purchase our books on AMAZON by using the following link:


We have a wonderful YouTube channel too.  Please check us at: https://youtu.be/_a6wSqaGSCk