About Us

IMG_7011Akira Felicitia Massey, born August 25, 2011, inspired Akira’s Book Club and Wordsmith Jr.

From the beginning Akira was very precocious. She is surrounded by three older sisters, parents, grandparents and a host of extended family who interact with her and facilitate her growth and development.

Akira knows me as “Grandma Grace” and we make up and tell stories to each other all the time. Storytelling helps build language skills and is a great outlet for creativity in young children. Thus the idea for creating stories and books to help Akira along her path seemed like a natural progression and a perfect fit for me. Professionally I have been providing services for over four decades in the areas of behavior research, curriculum and instruction, diversity, assessment and evaluation. My major focus has always been on providing quality services and products to support the education and optimum development of children and families. Wordsmith Jr and Akira’s Book Club allow me to work closely with my grandchildren, children, other family members and friends to extend our work to others.

The first series of books to be published, The Akira Series, focuses on helping children learn the alphabet and grammatical terms. The first book in
this Akira Series is Akira’s Animal Alphabet Alliterations. As stated on the back cover of this book: img_3734

Children are extremely creative. They have great imaginations. They are like sponges soaking up all the sounds, sights, images, words and experiences to which they are exposed. Too often we underestimate their capacity to learn. When provided a nurturing, language-rich environment, it is amazing what children can learn!

My four-year-old granddaughter, Akira, loves animals and loves the challenge of learning to say new “big” words, like “alliteration.” We had so much fun putting this love into this book. It includes big and small words to describe both familiar and exotic animals. It is part realistic, part fantasy, part tongue-twister and part adventure but all created for families to experience and enjoy together.

This inaugural book, Akira’s Animal Alphabet Alliterations, along with the remaining eleven books in the Wordsmith Jr, LLC series are ready for purchase now (go to our Store page).